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[21 Jun 2006|11:04am]

I had a panic attack the other day, well i think it was one...I sorta pondered the question that what if my parents died in a car crash with my little brothers. Unfortunately, i couldn't get the thought out of my head after that, and then i started to obsess over it for another couple of hours until they came back from the party which they had gone to. It really freaked me out. I couldn't sleep and i had an exam in two days.
I cast a tarot reading at the start of the year as i usually do, at the start of every year, and one card said that i will suffer a great emotional loss sometime this year, and there is nothing i can do about it. The first thought that came to my mind was my mum and now i worry.
But once again, if i can't control it, then it will happen anyway. So it becomes irrational to worry...but i will miss them if it does happen.

On this note, i would like to bring up an important point that more should be written about divination theory. Can we for example put a single event foretold to us by the cards, coins etc, under the microscope and receieve elaboration? Or are we doomed to receive vague descriptions of the future where we can misinterpret them a hundred different ways?
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[26 May 2006|01:58pm]

Hello all,

Seriously hope that this place is active, if not, well, i'll invoke a few friends.

My name is Adam, and i like to practice Enochian Magick.... Love most religions, except made up ones like scientology. My background is Catholic and to some extent i still identify as one.
I'm currently trying out enochian magick and writing down my visions. I would love to hear from you guys.
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Mod Post [08 Aug 2005|11:17pm]

Hello everyone, just want to thank you all for joining!

Figured I'd kickstart this community by asking you all for your current religion, path, beliefs, etc etc. Just leave a comment with your current religious beliefs.

My religion varies constantly, but currently I align myself mostly with the views of Buddhism.
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[06 Aug 2005|09:15am]

Looks like there could be the potential for some really interesting discussion around here, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Heather. *waves* My interest in the occult originally sprang from my several years of studying religion. I began with an interest in the development of Christianity out of Judaism, but this study eventually led me into the study of various other religions (paganism, heresies, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Gnosticism, etc.), and then from there I began to do some reading on other related topics such as tarot, astrology, dreams, ghosts, and so on.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to whatever develops in this community.
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First Post [03 Aug 2005|12:26am]

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Occult community.I hope you all find whatever you are looking for! Feel free to post an introduction post, questions, links, or anything that you think would be relevant to the community.

- Jaycub
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